Thursday, October 1, 2009

6 weeks down

So many new things are going on in my district I don't know where to begin.

We have new administration, new TEKs, new scope and sequence, a new co-teaching policy, new start times, new schedule. It's been interesting.

For co-teaching we no longer have resource classes. Instead most of my sped kids are in one class and I have a special ed teacher in that period. To me, that is still a resource class but whatever. That class is going ok, but there is such a range of needs in that class it is hard to plan for all of them. I really need to start differentiating. On my 6 weeks exam I gave a TAKs style passage and one student remarked that was the most he had ever read. Really? 2.5 pages tops the list? Oh boy....

Our new scope and sequence is being written AS we are teaching. So I can see this 6 weeks, but not the next, which makes planing virtually impossible. Also the assessments we have to use aren't up until half-way through the unit. My next unit I am to teach fiction, drama, and poetry. And of course, grammar, spelling, capitalization and vocab to go along with it. In 5 weeks.

Thank goodness I have awesome students or all this bureaucratic mes would really bring me down :)


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